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The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

~ 17JAN17 ~

9 Part Series:

Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly
(January 17th, 9:00pm EST US time)
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Episode 2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oil
(January 18th, 9:00pm EST US time)
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Episode 3: Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMOs, Juicing & Eating the Rainbow
(January 19th, 9:00pm EST US time)
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Episode 4: Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature's Pharmacy and Healing Cancer with Sound & Light
(January 20th, 9:00pm EST US time)
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Episode 5: Cancer Causing Blindspots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy & The Power of Emotions
(January 21st, 9:00pm EST US time)
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Episode 6: The NOCEBO Effect, Healing Vaccines, Advanced Detoxing & Going Inside A German Cancer Clinic
(January 22nd, 9:00pm EST US time)
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Episode 7: Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & Combining Superfoods
(January 23rd, 9:00pm EST US time)
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Episode 8: Cannabis, Nature's Epigenetic Switches, Peptides & Healing with Micronutrient Therapy
(January 24th, 9:00pm EST US time)
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Episode 9: Cancer Conquerors & Their Powerful Stories of Victory
(January 25th, 9:00pm EST US time)
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my notes on episode-1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly
... therearetwowaystobefooled
research the following if you like: tamoxifin for breast cancer causes cancer radiation can cause cancer tumeric fitzgerald report layatril (B-17) from apricot seeds FDA AMA AmericalCancerSociety influenced by drug cartels use of dissitant frequency to kill cancer cells biomedical clinic in tijuana mexico hoxsey treatment the gerson therapy, max gersin; tera mann - cancer crackdown KF!  

my notes on episode-2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oil
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... itseasiertofoolpeople
research the following if you like: cancer is immune system failure to destroy cancerous cell 18 % related to infection 23 % related to obesity 41 % related to environmental 18 % related to genetic, radiation besides exercize, walk 2 miles/day kercumin can supress cancel 7-12 yrs before size that can be detected mamograms cause cancer chemo causes cancer Dr Veronique Desaulniers, D.C. The Seven Essentials let food be your medicine - avoid sugar; sugar feeds cancer - BPA (in plastic) causes cancer - essential oils - india: lemon - australia: euke - washington: peppermint - frankensence, anti inflamitory, anti oxident - effective for shrinking tumors&against ovarian,colon&brest cancer - boswailian frankensense very effective for fighting cancer - diffuse in home, rub on roof of mouth - effectice against alzheimers or any type of brain inflamation - 1 drop on tongue and rub on roof of mouth every 2 hours - myr, works on hyperthalmus & liver.... detox's - at home body butter & lotion: 10 drops frankensense, 10 drops of myr, coconut oil, shay butter - rub entire body, especially neck and back of head - => breathing in aroma fumes - tumeric or cucumin - clove oil - egg plant contains BEC5 (Bill Edward Cham), also in green bell peppers - destroys skin cell cancers, selectively toxic to cancer cells - in devil's apple in australia - when applied wound opens up and is larger than was evident - after 2 or 3 weeks new skin closes over and maybe even no scar detox balance energy heal emotional wounds - manage stress, let go of past biological dentistry herbs & vitamins true prevention - thermography - detects the blood supply to cancer cells - blood test - cancer profile - measures the hcg hormone - measures the phi hormone (the malignency hormone) - TK1 enzyme - Anka blood test ( Anka blot test?) ======================================== benefits of Chaga, gynostemma, Chaparral, black seed oil these will boost immune system... taking Gynostemma tea for a few weeks... now havent felt better in years... everyone should take it KF!  

my notes on episode-3: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oil
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... whoeveriscarelesswiththetruth
research the following if you like: tumeric curcumin - makes radiation more effective green tea resveritrol juicing: Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.A.C., O.M.D. wheat grass - has b-17 in it 4 to 8oz /day colonix daily e.g., carrots, cucumbers, celery, ginger, lemon for breakfast red grapes, citrus fruits, fruits, vegitables, spices essiac tea spontaneous remission organicly grown food: - no GMOs - no pesticides pesticides in urin
... pesticides in urin
Rigvir: virus against cancer (Riga, Latvia) - a non-mutating virus - Rigvir viral therapy can target, e.g., melenoma cancer, e.g. in liver - Rigvir approved for melenoma, but, works on other types of cancer also Types of cancers (at lest 10 different): - renal cancer - breast cancer - stomach cancer - lung cancer - prostate cancer - brain cancer International treatment center in Riga, Latvia KF!  

my notes on episode-4: Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature's Pharmacy and Healing Cancer with
Sound & Light
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... everyviolationoftruth
Digression: Ralph Waldo Emerson also said... "Once you make a decision, the universe consipires to make it happen." "For every minute you are angry you loose sixty seconds of happiness." "To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeced." Would you like to know more? click here, better still, read his essays He, or was it Henry David Thoreau (they were close friends), who also said "It's better to loose everyting in a fire than to move twice within a year." Henry David Thoreau also said... "The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." "That government is best that governs least." "If you have build castles in the air..." Would you like to know more? click here, better still, read Walden research the following if you like: of all medical schools in US less than 1/3 have a single required course in nutrition, so a Dr can go through 6 yrs of medical school plus residency and never have a course in nutrition food industry pays no attention to health health industry pays no attention to food excitotoxins glutamate monosodium glutamate glutamate can destroy brain cells every cell in body has glutamate receptor glutamate receptors stimulate groth of cancer high level of glutamate stimulates groth of cancer block glutamate receptor then cancer cells start dying chemo theropy works better with glutamate blocker brain needs some glutamate to function glutamince converts glutamine to glutamae glutamate blockers - a bunch of them that do it safely cancer cells use glucose and glutamine for groth so cut down on glutamine but 4,5,10grams glutamine promoted for leaky gut syndrome but better ways to improve the gi track foods high in glutamine: - black beans - mushrooms vegetables are low in glutamine cancer cant use fat for fuel coconut oil good way to keep energy up w/o sugar sources of glutamate on lables - hydrolized protein,... glutamate sources
... glutamate sources
in particularly soy which is high is glutamate and glutamine and is also high in aluminum & flouride & manganese - in particular liquid products, e.g., soy-milk - even organic soy - so, people shouldn't be consuming soy product sugar: impairs immune system source of sugar matters - sugar cane: made of glucose which is 50% sucros, 50% fuctros - high fructos corn syrup feeds cancel cells - need to stop SPIKES of sugar - apples, pears good, have hi ratio of froctos to glucose and sucrose - but have fiber so not so much of a spike - spikes from candy white blood cells need 20x more vit C than normal cells vit C is antioxident vit C goes into cell same pathway as sugar (or glucose) does, thru insulin sugar lever up in blood, insulin dumps it into cells cells have higher affinity for sugar than VitC, so cant get vitC into cell fasting blood sugar of 120 is pre-diabetic (125 or 6 is diabetic) bowl of cereal, e.g., cherios, in morning puts blood sugar level above 120 for 4 hours then sandwich at lunch more carbs so most people spend 16 hours a day w/reduced immune function sugar can actually creates cancel cells a piece of whole wheet breat is == a snickers bar radioactive glucose for pet scan goes to insulin receptors and into cell shows where cancer is... natural sugars in fruits and vegetables - black rasberrys - figs - serianam cherrys (dark cherrys) - red grapes - mullberries (dark purple) - reg & green fruits & vegetables - salvestrol works on enzyme system - natural product in ftuits & vegs, viz., vine ripened - kills cancer cells celery kills lung cancer cells sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds sun flower seed sprouts - grow at 10-20cents/pound - 30x more nutrient dense than vegitibls seeds - nuts, beans, eggs - concentrated nutrition chaga mushroom (from Russia) - like curcumin broccoli sprouts - in juicers, sprinkle a few on salad grape ffruit, oragnes - improves liver functin and detoxification pathways blood orange - bioflavinoids, etc, PLUS red pigments, - is sweet peaches 2x/week lower brest cancer by 40% aspertame (nutra sweet) - carcenogenic - in diet soda splenda - devestates the gut sucraloase also bad stevia - good stuff selenium - prevents and reverses cancer - 200uGrams/day, if cancerous, 1KuGrams or 1.2KuGrams chromium - 100uGrams/day prevent metenastasis silicon or silica sound and light therapy Dr Tonee at Hope for Cancer in Tijawana - sonophotodynamic therapy - hyperberic oxygen chamber - far infared & near infared sauna - drastic change to diet restricting sugar almost completely - pulse electromagnet frequencies therapy KF!  

my notes on episode-5: Cancer Causing Blindspots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy & The Power of Emotions
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... truthwillultimatelyprevail
research the following if you like: spine: spine has direct bearing on cancer diagnosis immune system is most important system for fending off cancer immune system is comprised of a series of glands and organs that make the immune response and those glands and organs are controlled by the nervous system glands and organs of the immune system: - thymus, spleen, bone marrow, gut - majority of immune response comes from the gut - all rests upon vitality of the nervous system spine is the tissue that surrounds and protects the spinal cord supposed to have a structure and any deviation from that structure interferes with the nervous system's ability to adapt and respond to stress - stressing more now than ever - sitting more now - even if go to gym we're thinking fitness, not thinking structure pinched nervs in spine simulates fight or flight state so adrenal glands used, wear those out and go into exhaustion so exercize, meditation, yoga, don't go to bar thermography used to look for cancer mouth: every one of 32 spots in jaw are connected to organs in the body w hether there is a tooth there or not every filling, root canal, most extractions are done in such a way that there are toxins left in the jaw bone e.g., socket may not be cleaned up properly, if tooth is infected then ligament that attaches tooth to bone and bone surrounding the socket may not be cleaned, and effects wont go away there is a direct correlation between root canals and breast cancer it's been said that dentists are the only doctors that leave dead tissue in the body when doing a root canal, the pulp tissue has to be sealed off root canal removes nerve and seal off pulp tissue; - now dental tubules called canicculi that become dead space once root canal is filled - then they fill up with anarobic bacteria so, here's the course: - tooth goes bad - voltage drops in that tooth - when voltage drops then the ph drops - ph drops then oxidation gots out of the tooth and out of the area - oxidation drops then the bugs come in and produce enzymes that liquify you - then the infection goes into blood then into liver Study in 1923 says root canal will lead to disease, did then and still dose! Food & Death administration dont get into therapies that cure a lot of things because that would interrupt the monetary flow... Bio-Oxidative Therapy to treat disease introduce ozone or hydrogen peroxide into system to kill pathogens commmonly done in Europe, England, Switzerland for years constant infection in mouth leads to cancer one thing to do is get rid of toxic metals silver fillings are 40% silver, 10% copper/tin, 50% mercury outgas from time put in mercury is toxic to nurological system, the gastro intestinal system, gut (candidous) affinity for fat tissue, so, goes to brain - crosses blood-brain barrier and placental barrier - causes memory loss, fatigue, brain fog flouride (including flourine) an excito-nuro toxin, causes cancer, osteosarcoma flouride calcifies the pineal gland - then reduces conciousness, makes non-aggressive, makes us docile, controllable, like zombies litterally - disrupts metabolism eliments needed for bone growth - activates osteosarcoma genes, lukemia and& bone based cancers detoxified iodine - everyone is low on iodine - when iodine defficency cancer is one of the consequences - cancer patients s/b on 10-20uGrams of detoxified iodine/day - when low cannot fight infections - immune system cannot function without it - one of main jobs in endocrine glands: thyroid, ovaries, uterous, breast, prostate - lack of iodine then cycts begin to form, then nodules, then harder nodules, then hyperplastic tissue which is precursor to cancer - cannot have thyroid problems w/o being iodine defficient - cannot be type-2 diabetic w/o being iodine defficient - women cannot get poly ovaric syndrome w/o being iodine defficient - iodine is necessary for thyroid to produce the hormones that activate the miocardia in our cells - if miocardia are not activated then go from oxygen respirating metabolism to a sugar fermenting metabolism which is what produces cancer forced vaccines - a violation of human rights - many contain cancer causing stuff >>> look up the ingredients of a flu shot <<< emotions & cancer recall healing accupuncture evox machine works w/bio feedback and voice recognition premise: every disease has an emotional component fear is common for cancer patient patient s/b skeptical of what oncologist says - cancer takes 8 to 12 years to develop to detectible stage - if doctor says you are gonna die if you dont do surgery and chemo and radiation stress diminishes the immune system - it increases your cortasal - which suppresses your immune system - which depletes your melatonin, vit-C, niacin - cronic stress will deplete your vital nutrients a negative thought can kill you faster than a bad jerm home from work w/a headache, dog happily greets you, headache gone blood pressure can drop just from petting your dog healing w/thought - cases of people visualizing cancer going away and it goes away homeopathy pick a substance that copies the onus - not one that opposes it - e.g., for someone that has scarlet feaver, take beladona because taking beladona wdill make your face all bright red, throat sore, high temperature and feel horrivle, so taking beladona is like having scarlet feaver so a good remedy for scarlet feaver, called like-q-is-like - so you are looking for a memic to cure the disease - taking an asprin to lower temperature is an opposing idea, not what this is about - 1st: identify something that copies your illness - then dilute it, this is called potentization' - dilute it 1 in 10, then again, then again,..., and after 12 dilutions you have passed the Avagadro number so we know there is no beladona left - but if you hook it up to a spectrographic transmitter you find the more you dilute it the more it starts transmitting energies so take substances from mineral,plant,animal kingdoms and create a "mother substance" catalog symptoms of taking each "mother substance" e.g., take venom of bee, it can reverse symptoms of things like that or exactly that e.g., for a toxic substance that you would never use, like mercury, and convert into a homeopathic form that is non-toxic to facillitate the detoxification of mercury for instance a patient w/brain cancer under went chemo, chemo stopped because patient's condition was worsening; patient was told condition is terminal and recommended hospice, went to homeopathic doctor,cancer gone, went back to oncologist who said a miracle recovery that was probably a delayed result of the chemo... riiiiiight... if it doesn't make sense then it's nonsense laughter is the best medicine KF!  

my notes on episode-6: The NOCEBO Effect, Healing Vaccines, Advanced Detoxing & Going Inside A
German Cancer Clinic
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... thetruthisnotforallmen
research the following if you like: Detox: no disease can exist inside a clean body 1) clean the colon - coffee enimas - colon hydrotherapy - herbal supplements - sillium - caskera segrata - betonite - slippery elm bark - buck thorn - humic acid - daily gentle detoxification - daily clensing tea 2) urinary tract - parsley - asperagras - marshmellow root - lots of water liver and kidney main body detoxification systems 3) liver - tumeric - milk thistle - root vegetables - beats - ginger - burdock for quick clean, use the extracts clensing can be done in conjunction w/any other doctor program cleansing morning shake for gentle liver cleans: * DAY 1: - juice of one lemon - juice of one lime - can ad orange - 1 cup of water - ice cubes - 1TbSp olive oil - 1 garlic clove - 1 chunk of ginger * Day 2: - 2 garlic cloves - 2 TbSp olive oil * Day 3: - 3 garlic cloves - 3 TbSp olive oil * Day 4: - 4 garlic cloves - 4 TbSp olive oil * Day 5: - 5 garlic cloves - 5 TbSp olive oil * Day n: - 5 garlic cloves - 5 TbSp olive oil note: add cinnamon for added flavor note: parsley will kill garlic breath that, along with carrot salad, beet salad, potassium broth soup, beet juice drink and a greed juice drink, and can add salads and soups but should be an all vegetable week dark green leaffy vegetables suggestion: juice beet, then use pulp in salad; likewise for carrot, then eat couple table spoons of beet salad throughout the day; carrot salad can eat all at once 2 kidneys 1 liver 100 lymph nodes lymph nodes: - cats claw - pardiaco - burdoc root - essiac formula deoderant ok, anti-perspirant is bad 5: parasite cleans a six week process use - black walnut hull from the green hull - american worm seed - episote - worm wood - clove - kamala - bromaline can be done in conjunction w/any/all other treatment programs 6: heavy metal cleansing Dr. Rashid Buttar, D.O. in North Carolina where growth stops decay steps in Ensure (sugar and cream), like gasoline on a fire for cancer Dr Buttar's 5 step protocol for treating disease 1) Detox 2) physiological optimization 3) immune modulation 4) target acquisition - Autogenous Antigen Reception Specific Oncogenic Target Acquisision - a completely non-toxic vaccine - made from your cancer cell's DNA so your immune system will attack your cancer 5) maintenance Colone Germany, Dr Robert Gorter, M.D., Ph.D. - does total body hypertherapy infra red light to heat heat outter 2 inches of body which heats the blood running through there which in turn heats the body internally; (artifically induced) fever activates the immune system - ozone therapy - immune restoration makes dendidic cells from patient's white blood cells, no side effects or rejection, these cells recognize damaged cells and cancer cells and kill them. - electro magnetic field therapy targets cancer cells, e.g., in the lungs, and excites them, i.e., causes their temperature to rise which causes them to generate lactic acid (3x) which lowers their ph and so the cell dies. placebo effect - if benefit from just the belief then why ridiculed nocebo effect - if told gonna die then believe will die and do die surgery, chemo and radiation are outdated methods of treating cancer for someone undergoing the surgery, chemo and radiation s/b boosting their immune system - cordyceps mushrooms - ups immunity and oxygen in body by 40%, ATP by 28%, natural killer cells by 400% - dilates the lung's airways, providing more oxygen to the blood - cancer thrives in non-oxygen, or, annarobic, environment - athletes take cordyceps to increase oxygen in their bodies - increases energy and boosts the immune system - tincture (drops in water), or in a pill, even infusing it into coffee - Reishi Mushroom - Boosts Immune System! - ups immune system's power these mushrooms contain beta glucan beta-glucan: will increase white blood cell count, important if undergoing chemo or radiation things to activate anti-oxident response - exercize - resveritrol - blue berries, grape skins, red wine - sulpherafrain - crucifferous vegetables - broccoli, cabbage (green & purple), collard greens, brussel sprouts - #1 source in nature: broccoli sprouts, get'm in health food store, put'm on your salad - curcumin, the active ingredient in tumeric, especially if combine with a little bit of black pepper and good oils making them fat soluable - ketetchins - ECGC, found in green tea, dark chocolate (no sugar in it) sataki mushroom, miataki mushroom, coreoles (turkey tail) mushroom - mitigate side effects - all have beta glucans and polysacarides in them - also have CLA (conjugated lenolayic acid) anti-inflamatory AND turns on a gene that regulates blood sugar in insulan, p-bar-gamma - astragalus (kwan tea) in chineese medicine, ramps up WBC and natural killer cells that go after cancer and virus cells - garlic: anti-tumer activity and stimulates the excretion of a lot of toxic chemicals ibid. for radish and cabbage family vegies which are rich in sulpher which turns on liver enzymes and interrupt every stage of cancer - sour krout - anti-cancer - healthy bacteria - pro-biotics - chemo is 100x stronger than anti=-biotic, kills good bacteria in gi tract - women with 3 bm / day have lowest reoccurrence rate - myrr chemo brain - can't think straight, cant remeber where keys are, how to put dishes in dishwarsher - may wear off, usually not - chemo can get past the blood/brain barrier - curcumin... kills cancer cells... get some KF!  

my notes on episode-7: Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & 
Combining Superfoods
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- THEN WATCH 1:12:35,...,1:15:35 AND 1:13:36,...,1:15:48
... duringtimesofdeceit
research the following if you like: HRT analysis - high resolution mognification of 65Kx of small blood sample, couple of drops - receals cancer, and, cellular imbalance that can become cancerous - allows catching early, like 5 yrs in advance, before it becomes a tumor - budwig diet, mix: - cottage cheese, prefferably low fat, - amt not important, just so can mix and not see oil anymore - flax seed oil, 2 TbSp - add to your salad if you want it salty - add sweet fruit if you want to make a desert - scientific principal discovered by Dr Otto Warburg - cancer cells will not grow in oxygen rich atmosphere - they need hypoxy to grow - flax seed oil is used industrially to make quick drying paint - flax seed oil attracts oxygen - flax seed oil is difficult to absorb in intestinal tract - intestinal tract lining and flax seed oil both have neg. charge, so repel each other - mix well w/pos. charges protein - sulpher based in this case, then readily absorbed Dr Felicity corbin Wheeler, had pancreatic cancer - did Gerson therapy - colonix & detox - B-17, got from Mexico from Dr Francisco Contreras - go bare footed and walk on grass or wet sand to "earth" your self no side effects on these treatments; many side effects w/chemo & radiation cancer can still grow even w/best immune system cancer does not depend on one issue, immune system on its own is not enough, food on its own is not enough, good emotions on their own are not enough... do everything simultaneously e.g., just correct immune system and not the rest then the rest will just end up ruining the immune system again detoxify but not nutritional part and other things, will get toxify again do everything simultaneously - detoxification, nutrition, supplementation, especially with budwig diet Dr Leigh Erin Connealy M.D. GCMath - Mathrofague Activating Factor mathrofagues: the pacmen of the immune system virus and cancer cell make an enzyme called nagalace which poison the mathrofagues and inhibit them from attaching the bad cells nagalace can be measured in patience's blood in a lab in the netherlands nagalace indicates where immune system is, s/b less than one used to measure autism, alzheimers, heart disease, cancer, cronic disease can make gcmath yourself in a probiotic, in a yogert - not from yogert on the shelf, got to get starter cells - get starter cells and make your own gcmath in a yogert - or use a probiotic sepository called Bravo Probiotic Hyperberick treatment - 2.5x atmospheric pressure in a chamber to cause oxygen to disolve into liquid easier, viz., blood which creates a healing mechanism - causes healing - oxygen essential element to sustain life - also absolute necessary product for healing - w/o it develop necrosis (greek word for death) - cellular death can occur if deprived of oxygen - drastic wounds from dibeties or other causes - grade 2 wound (pretty bad), can be saved 90% of the time core of the cancer is hypoxic, low oxygen environment, - angiogenesis - creates it own blood supply oxygen can make chemo and radiation work better Light - ultra violet light Rx - infrared light in your vein - known to be a disinfectant - kills bacteria, fungus, virus in the blood - important for infection - many cancers have their root in one of these Vit-D - we are designed to be exposed to the sun - good for bone disease, heart disease, cancer w/adequate Vit-D levels - reduce cancers by 50% when you have adequate Vit-D levels - take supplement, ok but not ideal way to get it or ideally - outside w/very little clothing in the sun - sun converts a cholestrol precursor to Vit-D - Vit-D gets transferred and converted in your body to active metabaloids - an epigenetic influencer; magic is it activates 10% of our genes Uv-C - seldom comes down because blocked by the upper atmosphere Uv-A - the dangerous rays, the one that causes cancer Uv-B - the one that causes our body to make Vit-D sun screens: block Uv-B and let Uv-A through, so, increase rate of skin cancer! cells contain light, diseased cells not so much, cancerous cells virtually dark 1st step of treatment s/b to flood the body w/light - take fresh organic foods; sunlight is accumulated in the greens and fruits - when eat this we take the light out of it - wheat grass has high chloraphyl content similar to our blood - chloraphyl which has magnesium atom at center of the molecule - our blood has iron atom at center of the molecule which makes it attach to oxygen which makes it turn red when exposesd to oxygen - new study shows eating wheat grass puts captured sunlight into the body winter tonic, a powerful blood builder - beets, anti-aging food - carrots - celery - wheat grass shot (2 oz) living fuel supper greens - whole meal supper fuel - upgrade to living fuel for 2 weeks - book: the seven golden keys clinic needs to address diet + hormones + mind/psycology/support chernoybl group of people who did not get cancer because of the spring mineral water - get enough water into a cell so it functions optimally - enables body to function better - virus can multiply easily in a dehydrated cell, not so in a hydrated cell MRET Water Molecular resonance effect technology - water treated w/electro magnetism similar to earth's magnetism - if treated so then can enter cell 3x faster than regular water - 10K molecules of water to 1 molecule of protein in the body - better hydrates cells, AND, inhibits cancere growth molecular hydrogen enriched water benefits cancer patients cancer or any injury, voltage drops, so, Pulse PEMF good to do before any treatment - pulsating electromagnetic energy fields - Yuri Gigan soviet astronaut in 1hr48min outside reach of earth's magnet pulses, - had severe bone loss to the point of osteoperosis - decreased metabolism - loss in perception - and depression which affected him for the rest of his life - suicide at 37 - exposure to PEMF - increases bone density - increase perception - increase metabolism - inbcrease a sense of well being - cancer operates at lower voltage; PEMF ups voltage and makes cancer unhappy - low frq EMF is actually beneficial - similar to earth's magnetic poles pulses - FDA approved for brain cancer, interrupts cancer cell division cell phone electric radiation, cell towers, wifi, etc MRET device for cell phone - similar to MRET water machine - man made electrical fields shut down cell membranes - generates low intensity noise field which is supperimposed on man made uWaves - so like a mask to the uWave signal to the cell membrane - direct correlation between cell phones and brain cancer terminal case of liver & pancreas lemon 1st thing in the morning juicing green leafy vegies + apple * ginger to make taste better organic veg box delivered each week no milk, dairy products, no white bread, yes ancient grain bread appricot kernals - say you will have naseus and migranes and death - but not their experience must also address stress in life 1 minute of anger will depress significantly immune system for 6 hours 1 minute of laughter will boost immune system for 24 hours music in general is therapudic singing even better, and playing stress is a killer, music is a healer - NOW, IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT SO FAR... - IN PARTICULAR, WATCH 1:12:35,...,1:15:35 AND 1:13:36,...,1:15:48
... patrickswayze

my notes on episode-8: Cannabis, Nature's Epigenetic Switches, Peptides & Healing with
Micronutrient Therapy
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... alltruthpassesthrough
research the following if you like: doctors matthias rath, M.D. and aleksandra niedzwiecki, Ph.D dr rath research institute, netherlands micro-nutrients - long term defficiency of micronutrients contributes to the long term development of disease - cells migrate - white blood cells - eggs - cancer cells (metasisis) block colegen digesting enzymes key uNutrients can do that for all types of cancers; inhibit cancer cell growth, proliferation, tumors, invastion of cancer cells in tissue, metastasis, formation of new blood vessels that feed the tumor also works to convert from immortal cells to cells that start dying, so, induces apoptosis in cancer cells also anti-inflamatory effect the list of uNuts: - vit-C, lysine (inhibitor of colegen digestive enzymes), anasatosysting, copper, selenium, EGCG from green tea, corsatine - see details on their website: _________ Book: victory over cancer, free online Lung cancer, e.g., cured in 6 months Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D; Burzynski Clinic in Houston anti-neoplastons - link between proteins and amino acids can cure DPIG brain tumors colon cancer which spreads to the liver, 3 yrs of survival vs 3 weeks to 3 months food can be epigenetic (ep-i-ge-net-ic) eat the rainbow: blueberries, cale, spinich, carrots, tomatos, persimmins, palmagranets oregano, tyme, ginger, tumeric, rosemary (contains carnosol, an antip-cancer chemical) resveritrol, curcumin, ECGC in green tea turn apoptotic switch on so cells, viz., cancer cells, can die Dr Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., Tahoma Clinic, Washington ...and black pepper Gerson Therapy Dr Patric Vickers, D.C. founder Northern Baha Gerson Center in Baha Mexico detoxification - coffee ennama - 600 to 700% increase in glu...... when do coffee ennema latril, Vit=B17, from appricot pits, active ingredient is cyanide - needs to be done in conjunction with hyperthermia to increase effect 7 to 10x Dr Patric Quillin Ph.D., R.D., C.N.S. Cancer Treatment Centers of America marajuana - works well in enabling apoptosis and eliminating cancer - cannibus oil, take orally + good diet 3a3 dr merkola - ketogenic diet coupled w/intermittant fasting - very high in fats, moderate protein, very few carbs - viz., high quality fats - avacoto - coconut oil - grass fed organic butter - oilves - nuts, viz., low protein nuts, viz., macadamia & pecans - oils - AVOID proccessed oils, viz., - Omega-6 fats/oils which are cancer fuels - industrial oils - vegetable oil - corn oil - sunflower oil - safflower oil - peanut oil - canola oil - good oil - Omega-3 - ALA from flax seed book: programming your ketogenic diet don't eat atleast 3 hrs b4 going to bed fasting: - good for normal cells; they detoxify themselves - bad for cancer cells; they die ? HOW LONG ? heat - follow fast w/hypothermia KF!  

my notes on episode-9: Cancer Conquerors & Their Powerful Stories of Victory
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... yeshallknowthetruth
research the following if you like: check out this company: Garden of Life - cured cancer in 40 days on diet basil cell carsonoma from all the sun exposure over the years - cured w/"kick'm juice" - drink b4 workout at the gym - ginger - hot peppers - habanerros - jalapenos - tobasco pepper - and another one (cyanne?) - chop up the ginger, clean the peppers and chop up - in ginger pot w/water, bring to boil, then simmer - after 30 min put peppers in seeds and all - 10 more min simmer, stop, cool off - put into blender - put this "stock" in a jug - b4 work out, dilute some w/water - then put celantro in while drinking - cancer cleared w/n a month if you have been diagnosed w/terminal cancer then you still have a 90% chance of survival - no sugar - no alcohol - no white flour - buy only organic - make list of cancer fighting food - garlic - ginger = start w/Budwik diet in morning - lunch w/colorful food, some of which is perhaps yukie - dinner w/Indian curry - Dr Mike Farley's "Life Long" mixture - did this for a month - the Maringa product - a product w/amazing amounts of nutrition Vern Berona's book Nutrous Cancer fighting Foods - main meal was vegetables cut up - didn't even use lettuce - made own dressing - also juice and blend - added a few supplements and herbals - B-17 - beat genetic cancer - epigenetics - changing your environment to change your genes Spiritual, emotional/mental, physical health program - spiritual first - if you are desperate enough then you will find God - believe you are a survivor - 40 days: - sauna for 2 hours a day - 1st week of all raw omniverous diet - raw food coctails - fido therapy, or, herbalism - conventional treatment is easy because no thinking for yourself Life One product for enhanced immune system support together with... Living Fuel diet change - cut out all processed foods - organic chicken, fish, vegetables, salads, fruits - juice every day, smoothies, nuts, dried fruits - high doses of Vit-C - cannibus oil - Taking Control by Elisia Shardane - appricot pits?... in tablet form/capsuls - B-17 - 20KmG Vit-D another case - use mistletoe - and hypothermia, hot water bath another - colonix every day - wheat grass every morning & afternoon - do a lot of raw in the beginning - brown rice ok - avacodo - no animal products, dairy another - essential oil therapy - infrared heating mats - exercize - 1st 2 wks - hard core - another 2 wks of hard core - zero cancer Cancer Crackdown Clinic - nutritional IVs KF!  

my epilogue: Epilogue: Reaching people who need to know before they know they needed to know
- See more at:
Send me an email inviting me to watch a 9 part, 1+ hour long, series on cancer, its detection, its traditional treatment: surgery-chemo-radiation - its effects and its success or failure, its alternative treatments - its effects and its success or failure, and, would I watch? No... I am going to press the delete key. Why? Because I don't need to know any of that because I don't have cancer (actually, I was unaware of my need to know and with respect to my currently having cancer - well I don't have any noticeable or detected cancer... (again)... yet).

Well, that was until now... now that the circumstances are not the circumstances anymore.

The information in this series is not just about successful alternative treatment but also about prevention!!!

I wish I had this information about a year ago...
- before my brother-in-law died of brain cancer...
   - when diagnosed was given 3 months, lasted 6 weeks
- before my step-son's mother-in-law died of brain cancer...
   - when diagnosed was given 6 months, lasted 6 months
- before my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer...
   - she's had surgery, completed chemo therapy and doing radiation now...
- before I get cancer... again...
I've watched all nine episodes and made notes (for more stuff to read up on) which I've put on Sharon's website: (with links to the episodes).

If you're starting the episodes late perhaps the links will still be good... worst case, you can get all this from the TTAC website ( and even on

The point of this epilogue is that the TTAC message needs to be able to reach people like me before it's too late.

And, although TTAC - A Global Quest does an outstanding job of presenting facts, hope for a cure, and alternative methods that DO cure cancer, the problem is that, alllll of this information is not yet common knowledge, even the availability of the information is not common knowledge, the result being that someone diagnosed with cancer is led by their doctor down the standard treatment path.

Why is it too late for me? It's too late for me because it is too late for Sharon, my wife.

Sharon went in to see her doctor some years ago because she had horrible abdominal pain and wondered if it was a kidney stone or something. Her doctor said "you are obese, loose some weight and you'll be fine." Sharon's company changed insurance companies resulting in her seeing a different doctor who said "I don't know anything about you, so, we need to do a full exam with blood work, etc." When the doctor got the results of the blood work he called her and told her to pack a bag and go to the emergency room. Turns out she had a fistula between her bladder and her colon which was allowing feces into her bladder and urine into her colon and leaking both into her abdomen - surgery was immediate to repair her bladder and her colon. This doctor and surgeon saved her life! Years later, Sharon goes in for her mammogram, in August of 2016, wherein a lump was detected; stage II of an aggressive cancer, her same doctor refers her to the same surgeon for his recommendation which is surgery and in September the lump and 15 lymph nodes were removed. "Got it all, and there was none in the lymph nodes, but, as a followup, we are referring you to our oncologist." The oncologist ran a DNA analysis that revealed the type of cancer that was removed is a type that is likely to reoccur, but, she can lessen the odds of it reoccurring by undergoing chemo once a week for 12 weeks followed by 16 days of radiation, and then if it does not reoccur in the next 4 to 5 years then it probably wont ever reoccur. After the 2nd chemo treatment she crashed - went to the emergency room, white blood cell count zero, was given saline IV and massive antibiotics and WBC count still low next week so skipped 3rd week's chemo, but weeks 4, 5 and 6 were preceded with a self administered shot to encourage bones to generate more WBCs, then at the 6th chemo follow up exam her lungs were so affected that the oncologist recommended terminating the chemo, which was done. Another month has passed while she gains strength, which has gone from could not get out of bed to having to ride in a getty-go-cart in the grocery store to walking around in the grocery store to resumption of exercising at the gym 3 days a week, and, radiation to begin in February.

Sharon and I had both been over weight for years and dieted only somewhat successfully off and on, and, talked about exercising, and with our weights approaching 250 pounds we both joined a gym and started exercising three days a week; then we both went onto a guided diet, viz.,, a protocol that requires eating only protein, vegetables, supplements and water (no carbohydrates, no dairy, no sugar, no fruit, no...), and, yet, with the frequency of meals and the volume required we have NOT felt hungry. Would you like to know more about this diet?... send me an email: As you know the body goes into ketosis and begins burning fat on such a diet, and now, 28 weeks into the program I have lost 65 pounds and am being guided over 4 weeks back into a balanced glucose/ketose condition with gained knowledge and practice to maintain a good diet; Sharon has lost 32 pounds, has a ways to go, but both of our meals are very similar now, just that I can have some fruit and some carbohydrates within the guidelines. And, as was revealed in the TTAC-A Global Quest series, this has been a good cancer fighting diet since it is void of the sugar that feeds cancer cells.

Well, Sharon is going through with the radiation. She is a very intelligent, educated and strong willed person with a "can do attitude" and she believes she can "do it." In the meantime, I have watched your series and feel most encouraged that by conducting ourselves as if we have cancer (some of the doctors you interviewed claimed that every one has cancer cells in their body, it's just that those cells are not eliminated and begin to multiply in some people) then any cancerous cells we do harbor will be eliminated. In fact, Sharon has just began taking curcumin supplements, and more to follow as I review my notes from your series and put together our good foods and supplements diet plan.

Your correspondence of Fri, 27 Jan 2017 08:12:09 said "... managers at Kaiser run hospitals are sending memos that everyone needs to watch 'TTAC: A Global Quest...'" and I want to know why Sharon's general practitioner, surgon and oncologist made no mention of this - I AM going to ask!

Ty, THANK YOU for your effort to enlighten everyone and I hope you can come up with a way to reach hard headed people like me before they or their loved one is diagnosed with a serious cancerous condition.


Would you like to know more?
- 3 Apoptosis Inducing Super Berries That Target Cancer Cells: 
- - Black raspberries, Strawberries, Jamun berry (or Indian blackberry)
- -
- - Three-super-berries
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